Today’s journal question: Better health starts with a single step

What is one action I can take to be a little healthier than I was yesterday?


Why is this action important to me?

This was a cool question because of the variety of answers. What health means to the guys individually.

We did some chair yoga and watched a video clip on how physical exercise strengthens your brain, so I was expecting answers relating to physically healthy actions. As usual, I was pleasantly delighted with the variety of answers. Stuff like:

Make more time to create art.

Call my family and sponsor daily.

Make mediation a daily part of my life.

Replace cocaine with exercise because it increases dopamine too.

Stretch daily and remember that the brain is also muscle.

Realize that all my tension is because I was born to move and work out my body. And I’m not.

more cardio ha ha!

This is a good question to explore because oftentimes “getting healthier“ is just some vague and undefined all-around future transformation. A sense that one day you’ll be so perfect that Calvin Klein will give you an underwear model contract. And you won’t have heartburn anymore, either.

But one small healthy action taken today means as long as you do that, you’ve accomplished something worth celebrating.

You started taking action! You are inertia, incarnate. A master of the natural laws of the universe.

Like Newton says, an object in motion stays in motion. That’s why a rolling stone gathers no moss.

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